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Buying a Home? 

Did you know that you don't necessarily need that 20-percent down payment that you've been hearing about forever (and that's been scaring you away from thinking about buying)?

Did you know that there may be financial help available to significantly reduce your down payment and closing costs? It may even be to your benefit to buy on a single income.


IT'S TRUE! Ultimately this is something you will need to figure out with an approved lender, and it all comes down to your specific financial situation. But, here are some great places to get started educating yourself about your possible options.

Minnesota Homeownership Center

HOCMN is a great directory for finding financial resources, homebuyer classes, and lots more, with a focus on *sustainable* ownership. Here is a direct link to their down payment resource tool. 

PRG, Inc.

PRG has a lot of great programs. For first-time buyers, they offer a free one-on-one meeting with a homeownership advisor. They will be able to walk you through the status of your credit, assistance programs you may qualify for, and provide references for your next steps. As someone that has used their services, I can't recommend them enough!


Start your search on HomeSpotter - it works for web and mobile! Browse home details, school districts, and comparable homes easily. I like their mortgage payment calculator too, which includes insurance and taxes in your estimate so you can easily assess your realistic budget. 

This page is in progress, keep checking back for more.

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