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Marisa Lee

Core Values

My core values are what guide both my life and my business: ​

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Respect for people and the planet

  • Involvement in the community


Anything less is a no-go! 

Client Relationships

Why not make this a great experience for the both of us? Agency is a two-way street. Sure, we might hit some road bumps along the way, but if we focus on genuine interactions and developing trust, they won't feel so bumpy. I hope to gain your trust by being transparent throughout the process, always remaining open minded, and showing up for you on all counts.    ​ 


Why I'm Here

I have been a Minneapolis resident since 2012, when I moved to MN from the Pacific Northwest. My educational and technical background is in environmental geology and habitat restoration, and my "people" background comes from my years in hospitality. Becoming a Realtor was a natural progression that allows me to take advantage of all of my technical strengths and my dedication to great service.

Buying my first home is what helped me put those pieces together. While it wasn't always easy, I realized that the process didn't need to be stressful and the technicalities didn't have to be over my head. With the support of a great Realtor, it was actually pretty fun, and I got so much fulfillment out of learning. I wanted to be that down-to-earth, insightful, and caring person to guide people through their own home-buying journey.  So, here we are! I am here to support you, and my team at Keller Williams Integrity Lakes is here to support the both of us. I am dedicated to my business being an inclusive and safe space.

When I'm not being your Realtor, I spend much of my free time working in my pollinator, veggie, and edible flower gardens - my side gig is called Salt and Pep Edible Flowers. I also help to run the Audubon Farmer's Market in my neighborhood. The home I share with my partner in Northeast Minneapolis is full of art, plants, and pets (two dogs, two cats, and three chickens - all named after country music legends). If we're not eating out somewhere supporting our service industry friends, we're usually cooking something awesome, working on a house project, or having a beer with the neighbors.

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